Fatal Construction Accidents: Caught in Between

Feb 28, 2022

Fatal caught in between accidents occur when a construction worker becomes squeezed, crushed or otherwise compressed between either two or more objects or two parts of the same object. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, caught in between accidents are one of the four most frequent fatal construction accidents in the United States.

The NY construction injury attorneys at the Levitsky Law Firm are available to guide you through the difficult legal process involved in the death of a loved one in a caught in between construction accident.

Common Fatal Caught in Between Accidents

Caught in between accidents can happen in a variety of ways. Here are a few examples as related by a construction accident lawyer Brooklyn from our offices:

  • Machinery With Unguarded Moving Parts: This might include both machinery and tools that have no safety guards on them, machine parts that are improperly supported and machinery that tips over, like a bulldozer while it’s still in gear.
  • Buried in or By: These tragedies primarily involve cave-ins of unprotected trenches and excavations that crush or suffocate unprotected construction workers. They might also be crushed by the falling walls of a building under demolition.
  • Pinned in Between: A fatality might occur on a construction site when a construction worker is pinned between one or more pieces of heavy equipment, a piece of heavy equipment and a wall or construction materials or equipment and the side of a trench.

If you lost a loved one in a caught in between Brooklyn construction accident, we realize the drastic emotional and economic impacts that you and your family are feeling. When you’re ready to get back on your emotional and financial feet, you can arrange for a free consultation and case evaluation by contacting the Levitsky Law Firm. Our caring, compassionate and highly professional workers’ compensation and wrongful death lawyers can guide you through all of your legal options and help you to obtain the settlement or award that you deserve.