If you were recently divorced and a Brooklyn judge ordered you to pay spousal support to your ex-wife or husband but you have recently lost some or all of your income, you need to seek an alimony modification. The longer you wait to request a modification, the harder your financial situation will likely become. Don’t allow yourself to get behind on your payments, because spousal support is a legal obligation and you could possibly end up in jail for failing to make payments.

Keep in mind when considering going to court for a spousal support modification that, without a good attorney, you may not get the alimony order reduced enough or even at all. It is up to the judge whether he or she feels the order should be modified. You can certainly save money by representing yourself in court, but in a case involving something as important as spousal support, you need an experienced attorney’s assistance. Levitsky Law Firm is an experienced and highly regarded Brooklyn spousal support modification attorney that can represent you and ensure that the amount you pay for spousal support is reduced to be fair and affordable.

Depending on the circumstances and how your ex-spouse’s income may have changed since the court order was put in place, this Brooklyn divorce attorney may be able to get your spousal support order stopped. Though it’s not a guarantee, if your ex-spouse earns more money than you currently do, it is certainly possible. Yet only the right Brooklyn spousal support attorney with adequate knowledge can make this happen.

So, instead of continuing to pay spousal support that you can no longer afford, you should give Levitsky Law Firm a call. Their attorneys have many years of experience handling cases just like yours. They can ensure that your spousal support is reduced to a fair amount, so you can live your life without being broke and stressed all the time.

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