You seldom hear anything complimentary about alimony. Those required to pay it feel that they’re paying too much for too long. Those receiving it often have to struggle to receive what they’re getting. And in many cases, they are receiving far smaller amounts than they are entitled to.

In some states, divorcing parties are unaware that a voluntary spousal support agreement could be advantageous to all parties for tax purposes. So as you can see, there’s a great deal that separating parties should know about this form of support that they don’t. This is why legal assistance can be invaluable.

Are You Entitled To Spousal Support That You’re Not Getting?

Despite society’s changes, spousal support or “maintenance” is still possible. If during a marriage you:

  • were in a lengthy marriage
  • earned significantly less money than your spouse
  • were ill or disabled
  • earned no money due to certain circumstances
  • were the victim of abuse or other “bad acts” by your spouse

then you may be entitled to this type of support. Men may also receive it. But research shows that few do. In part, this is due to prejudicial treatment from divorce courts. And even if this type of support is allowed, collecting involuntary support can be difficult from reluctant ex spouses.

Are You Paying Spousal Support That You Shouldn’t Be?

While this support system is meant to help disadvantaged spouses in a divorce, the “better off” ones can be victimized as well. A support seeking spouse’s true earning potential may be undervalued, for example. The long term ability of a paying party to do so may not fully be considered by a court. And some former spouses continue to receive alimony under conditions when they no longer should be.

How An Attorney Can Help

Are you not receiving or over paying spousal support? Are you tired of finding no resolution on your own? An attorney can:

  • collect and review financial histories
  • prepare and submit claims
  • represent clients in hearings
  • negotiate payments
  • find agreement tax advantages for clients

So while spousal support will never be a pleasant aspect of the unfortunate end of a marriage, legal assistance here will provide clients with the support they need to move forward.

For better understanding and discussion of these issues please do not hesitate to call Levitsky Law Firm PLLC to schedule confidential consultation. Contact a Brooklyn Family Law Attorney today!

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