After a divorce, if there is one thing that a couple can do for the sanity of all parties involved in agreeing on child support. It prevents disagreement and resentment and makes the process of raising a child easier. However, at times situations can change, requiring both parties to take another look at the agreement.

What Determines Child Support In NY?

In New York, some factors determine how child support is paid. They include:

  • The period of child support.
  • Role of Marital Lifestyle.

Either parent can file a petition with the court for a child support modification. However, filing for modification does not guarantee your request will be granted. Here are three reasons that a parent can base their request for modification.

  • Significant Change in Circumstance. This can mean several things. For instance, maybe the parent paying the child support has lost their income or fallen sick and is also paying medical bills. Or, their income has also increased.
  • Three years have passed.  If three years have passed since the court issued a child support order, either parent can file for modification. This means that they want the amount to be recalculated depending on a change in either parent’s income. It can be an increase or decrease modification.
  • You should note that income changes by at least 15%. The parent paying support can file a petition for a downward modification of their income that has been reduced by at least 15%. The receiving parent can also file a petition for an increase in child support if the paying parent has had a rise in income by at least 15%.

How Levitsky Law Firm PLLC Can Help

There are laws that dictate how child support needs to be paid and circumstances that can lead to modification. If you are in a situation where you need child support to be modified, you need a good attorney with experience in family law for assistance. Our skilled attorneys are ready to assess your current agreement and represent you in filing a petition with the court for a child support modification.

For better understanding and discussion of these issues please do not hesitate to call Levitsky Law Firm PLLC to schedule confidential consultation. Contact a Brooklyn Divorce Attorney today!

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