How Can An Attorney Help With Collaborative Law?

A Brighton Beach Collaborative Law Attorney can be extremely helpful in a collaborative divorce situation simply because he or she can guide you towards the peaceful resolution to your divorce that you have always sought. It is true that most divorces are not as messy as they are shown in popular media, but it is also the case that they can be emotionally driven. It is best to have a Brighton Beach divorce attorney working with you on the case.

What Is Collaborative Law?

This is a branch of the law where both parties that would normally be at odds with each other come together and try to work out their differences before they must proceed any farther into court. It is a great way to settle some disputes and get everyone want they want out of such a situation. A Brighton Beach family law attorney will not only know how to do this kind of law, but he or she is likely to have worked on these types of cases in the past.

Is Collaborative Law Right For Me?

If you believe that there is a chance that you can work things out with your soon-to-be ex-spouse in a manner that helps both of you avoid additional time in court, then there is no reason this process can’t be for you. It can save you and everyone else a lot of the time, money, and distraction of dragging everything out in court. Most people prefer to avoid that situation entirely.

Will My Attorney Be By My Side The Whole Time?

The good news on this front is that any attorney you hire from the Levitsky Law Firm will be happy to stand by you and represent you in court the entire time. From the moment our professionals are retained, we work with our clients to get them the best results and their ideal outcome regardless of what it is.

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