Auto insurers love to contact accident victims and get them to settle or say things that they should not. When you are dealing with the immediate aftermath of a car accident and especially one that you did not cause, insurance companies want to limit potential payouts and deny claims if possible. When you are injured by a speeding driver or other negligent motorist, a Brooklyn accident attorney can help you to recover the settlement that you deserve.

Speeding Is a Significant Factor in Many Injury Accidents

A speeding motorist is a danger to other drivers and their passengers. They also are dangers to pedestrians. Exceeding the speed limit is a primary cause in many accidents and a significant factor in many injury accidents. A speeding driver also is liable for the costs and damages and injuries caused.

An offending driver often times lies about how an accident occurs. That driver’s insurer will want to blame you for an accident if at all possible. When an offending driver tries to put the blame on the accident victims and the insurer goes along with the false story, a Brooklyn speeding accident attorney could help to hold the at-fault driver accountable.

How a Brooklyn Car Accident Attorney Could Help

When you have to fight the offending driver and insurer to get a fair settlement, you need legal help. A Brooklyn car accident attorney can take the pressure off of you by handling all insurer inquiries. When you retain an attorney, all parties in the matter, from insurers to opposing attorneys, must conduct all communications through your attorney and your attorney’s law firm.

Your attorney can depose the other driver, gather evidence and help you to build a strong case. Levitsky Law Firm has experienced Brooklyn speeding accident attorneys who are ready to help.

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