New York Construction Accidents

Feb 11, 2022

Construction remains one of the most dangerous jobs today. And if you or your loved one is injured in a construction accident, there are legal options to recover compensation.

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Common Types Of Construction Accidents

Here are the most common construction accidents That you should be aware of:

  • Scaffolding accidents. Scaffolding is used at a construction site for workers performing jobs at heights. Scaffolding accidents include falls, objects falling, electrocution, scaffolding collapse.
  • Aerial lift accidents. Among the most common aerial lift accidents are workers falling heights, workers being crushed by objects, electrocutions, tip-overs, and some others.
  • Burns and explosions. Skin damage is also very common. The good news is that most burns happening on construction sites can be treated with first aid. However, there might be more serious cases due to accidents that involve explosions, fire, and more.

Construction Accidents In New York: Statistics

According to the Department of Buildings of the state of New York, there were 484 construction-related accidents and over 500 construction-related injuries in New York in 2020. Also, there were 8 construction related fatalities.

How Can A Lawyer Help You?

Many workers hurt on the job can recourse to workers’ compensation benefits, and families of deceased workers can apply for death benefits as well. There are certain legal options that you need to explore if a construction accident happens to you, and that is how a lawyer can help you.

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