Construction Scaffolding Accidents

Apr 15, 2022

Construction jobs are one of the most dangerous and prone to accidents. One facet of this job is instances where workers are required to use scaffolding. When these workers are injured due to any range of scenarios, they need extensive medical attention, which usually means time off work during recovery.

The Dangers of Scaffolding

Scaffolding allows workers to reach higher areas where construction takes place. While it is essential to carry out certain portions of projects, it can be very dangerous for the workers. Construction is one of the most precarious jobs and has a high job accident rate. Some injuries, including falls, can debilitate the victims and create a situation that requires long record times and may even prevent them from working in the future.

Common Types of Injuries

Some of the most common injuries include impact injuries such as broken bones. There are also frequent concussions and head trauma. Falls from a higher elevation can permanently affect mobility. Severe head trauma can also impact vision, depth perception, and more.

Recovery from Scaffolding Accidents 

When a scaffolding accident happens, many things happen. As soon as the worker sustains an injury, they need to get immediate medical attention. Once the worker arrives at a medical facility, they will get the care they need and likely undergo some testing for workers’ compensation. Depending on the results, the victim can receive this insurance’s benefits, which provide security and prevent hardships.

Let our Brooklyn Construction Accident Attorneys go to work for you and let us do the heavy lifting while you recover from your injuries.

Worker’s Compensation 

Workers’ compensation is an insurance product offered to protect workers if they are injured on the job. If the worker is injured significantly, they receive funds to help them make ends meet while recovering. They also may pay a portion of their medical bills. However, certain conditions apply. For example, certain substances can’t be in the workers’ system. They must also fulfill certain obligations to continue receiving those benefits. Getting legal assistance is the best way to navigate the process and prevent errors that can create financial hardships.

How an Attorney Can Help

An attorney is an essential factor in the outcome of an injury case. When a worker is injured on the job it is essential to have legal representation because they can make sure the case is being handled effectively—an attorney who specializes in representing workers and knows the ins and outs of the law.

They can file paperwork and contact individuals essential for the worker to win their case. There are many things to consider when working with an injury case. Additionally, the attorney can present facts and evidence to help make a case for getting the compensation the victim needs.

As soon as an injury occurs, the worker should contact a top legal firm to get started on their case to prevent delays and any missteps. The faster they can begin working on the case, the better the result for the victim. If you are involved in a construction accident in Brooklyn, it’s essential to get an attorney to help with the case.

Finding Legal Representation 

The best way to find the right attorney to repent a case is to search for the leading legal firms in the area. When considering a potential fit for a case, check out the website and call for a consultation. A Brooklyn personal injury attorney can help with construction accidents involving scaffold and site equipment. Contact Levitsky Law Firm and get the help you need to ensure your case is handled correctly and will work closely with you to ensure you have the guidance and assistance to provide the best outcome. Reach out to schedule a consultation today.