NY Common Construction Accidents: Falls

Mar 25, 2022

Construction is a wonderful career choice for someone who likes the outdoors, solving problems, and working with their hands.   However, no matter how cautious someone is, through no fault of their own, they can have a fall.

Safety First

Even when a motto of “safety first”, is held on a job site, unforeseen accidents happen.   It’s hard to know what to do when the consequences of accidents, impede your ability to function.

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NY Common Construction Accidents: Falls

There are numerous ways that falls can occur on a construction site. Often construction workers fall because of lapses in protection or unforeseen problems.

  • Unprotected holes or elements in the environment create unstable walking space.
  • Scaffolding collapse when scaffolding is not properly assembled.
  • Faulty stairways on a job site can also contribute to falls while carrying heavy equipment.
  • Unstable walkways are another way that injuries can occur when wobbly surfaces create difficulties in movement.
  • Slippery floors either due to oil, grease, industrial chemicals, or even rain can contribute to injuries.

Type of injuries that occur from the common accidents

There are a variety of common injuries that occur from accidents, everything from very simple muscle strains and soft tissue injuries, that can impede your ability to sleep and do mundane tasks for a period of time. Among the more serious injuries are:

  • Fractures and breaks.
  • Severe burns or abrasions.
  • Amputation.
  • Traumatic brain injuries.
  • Spinal cord injuries.
  • Permanent disabilities.
  • Death.

Many of these injuries can have lifelong effects on the quality of someone’s life.  According to American Training Sources, “The statistics related to slips, trips and falls in the workplace are staggering—nearly 16 million fall injuries occur each year.”

Compensation for injuries

Getting compensation for your injuries can be a tedious process. There are forms, documents, and sometimes doctor’s physicals that are specific to law cases that need to be done.  A construction accident lawyer Brooklyn can help.

How your attorney can help you recover

Your attorney can help you because he knows what the lifelong effects of your injuries are.  He can achieve the kinds of compensation that aren’t just adequate but are necessary for the rest of your life. What may seem to you like a small inconvenience or something that you can muscle your way through may be different in the long run.  Your attorney brings his knowledge of New York law, statistics, and expertise. Combined with compassion, this can make your journey to compensation far easier. Accidents happen. Sometimes life-changing accidents. You deserve compensation and New York Construction Accident Attorney can help.