Workplace Accident Causes & Why You Need a Lawyer

Oct 18, 2019

Workers in New York and elsewhere in the country face many risks, and many of them will at least once experience an injury or illness that is directly related to their employment. The victims may consider seeking financial compensation, but they will need the services of an accident law firm in Brooklyn to ensure that their cases are handled fairly. They should specifically consider seeking the services available from the Levitsky Law Firm.

Common Workplace Accidents and Injuries
Falls from scaffolding and ladders are responsible for many work-related injuries. Workers may be struck by falling material or caught in machinery. Burns and electrocution injuries can be particularly serious. Exposure to dangerous products and the constant lifting of heavy items can both have long-lasting health effects. Those in the most mundane occupations can suffer from the effects of repetitive tasks. Brighton Beach NY workplace accident lawyers can help the victims of employment-related injuries or ailments.

Taking Legal Action
Those who experience job-related health problems in New York are generally eligible for benefits in the workers’ compensation program. However, they may in some cases be able to seek damages through a personal injury lawsuit. Damages may be sought to cover medical bills and other expenses that are considered economic in nature, and as compensation for the personal suffering related to an injury. Such lawsuits can be complicated and should never be initiated without the assistance of an accident law firm in Brooklyn.

The Need for Representation
Brighton Beach NY workplace accident lawyers can provide the advice that will be needed throughout the legal process, and will work out the best possible outcome for the clients they represent. It is for these and other reasons why the victims of workplace accidents should contact the Levitsky Law Firm.