Will I Be Given Alimony?

May 17, 2019

No one gets married with the intention of getting a divorce. Unfortunately, it can happen to even the happiest of couples. In addition to facing a divorce and all of its intricacies, you may also have to face another bitter reality: Alimony. In some states, alimony, also known to as spousal support. It provided financial stability to spouses who earn less or have a specific set of circumstances that warrant payment.

A qualified Brighton Beach divorce lawyer, like those found at the Levitsky Law Firm, knows how important it is to have the facts. Here’s what you need to know about alimony.

If your income is substantially more than your spouse’s and you’ve been married for a set number of years, you may be ordered to pay alimony. In addition, depending on your circumstances, you can be ordered to pay alimony even if you and your spouse’s income are comparable. Whether you receive alimony depends on several factors, which include:

  • Length of marriage
  • Overall health and age of both parties
  • Birth of children
  • The ability of the party seeking support to become self-reliant and obtain gainful employment

Temporary Spousal Support

Even in pending divorce cases, temporary alimony may be ordered. Temporary alimony is different than the finalized spousal support agreement. It’s determined according the your state’s statutory guidelines.

Protecting Your Rights with Our Brighton Beach Divorce Lawyer

During a divorce, neither party is exempt from stress and financial strain. Our attorneys work diligently to guide you through the uncertainty and alleviate any fears you may have.

Establishing a fair amount of alimony requires the skill of an experienced Brighton Beach divorce lawyer. At the Levitsky Law Firm, we know how important it is to come to amicable divorce agreement minus the drama. We work hard to ensure to protect our clients’ rights when it comes to spousal support. Contact our office today to begin building your case.