Will a Separation Agreement Help Me Have Enough Time with My Kids Over the Holiday Break?

Dec 06, 2019

As the holidays are upon us, this means that children will be out of school for winter break. If you and your spouse are currently separated, you may wonder how you will be able to spend time with your children at this time. When a couple separates, they create an agreement that will determine how certain shared aspects of their lives will be handled, especially spending time with children. This agreement must be agreed on by both parties in order for it to be enforced. It is best to work with a family law firm in Brighton Beach because Brooklyn NY family lawyers will create a plan that considers the interests of both parents. The Levitsky Law Firm specializes in family law, making our firm a great choice for legal assistance with a separation agreement.

Separation Agreements And Time With Children
One of the main topics discussed in a separation agreement is how time will be spent with the children the couple share. This can have a number of configurations so that each parent has time with the child for holidays, birthdays, and school breaks. Ideally, this time can be equal between the parents, but that may not always be the case. One option that Brooklyn NY family lawyers can offer is that parents alternate who the children will be with for school break. Given that winter break is usually two weeks long, each parent can have a week to spend with the children. As for any holidays, parents can choose to alternate years when the children will be with them.

An attorney can not only help with drafting the separation agreement but can also advise what the law says about what is legally permissible with this step.

If you are in need of a family law firm in Brighton Beach, contact the Levitsky Law Firm. Our staff will schedule a consultation so that we can assist you in creating a separation agreement the works for the whole family.