Who’s at Fault in a Merging Accident?

Aug 04, 2020

Top Tips On Dealing With A Merging Accident

It seems like on an annual basis, there are more and more drivers who are being involved with merging accidents. What could be causing this uptick in vehicular accidents? One explanation experts at the Brighton Beach personal injury law firm give is the sheer number of cars and trucks on the road. When the nation’s highways are becoming congested with drivers, there is bound to be more accidents happening.

According to statistical data, a merging accident most frequently happens when the highways are cluttered with vehicles and the traffic is moving fast. It can be quite dangerous to attempt to merge at these times. A vehicle that is driving fast on the highway which collides with a slower-moving vehicle attempting to merge can be catastrophic to both parties involved. In these cases, a Brighton Beach personal injury lawyer can be of great assistance to determine who is legally at fault.

An injured party will need to file claims with the court against the other party involved. This is done so that they can be compensated for things like pain and suffering, income lost from not being able to go to work, and even any permanent injury the victim or victims endure. To remedy this situation, a phone call to Levitsky Law Firm as soon as possible after the accident will allow the attorneys to start the necessary proceedings. Facts can be gathered very quickly and time is of the essence when it comes to getting evidence and having it still be admissible in court.

As you can see, a Brighton Beach Auto Accident Attorney is certainly your best bet when it comes to having the situation be dealt with in the best interest of the victim. An experienced lawyer will always be on your side.