Who is Liable for my NY Bicycle Accident?

Feb 24, 2023

Being a cyclist in New York is not easy. There are aggressive drivers and poorly designed roadways that cyclists have to deal with. If you get injured in a bike accident, you probably wonder who is liable for the damages and injuries. Keep on reading this article to find out.

Who is Liable for my NY Bicycle Accident?

Here is a list of the parties who are usually liable for bike accidents in NYC (bike accidents NYC):

  • Bike manufacturer. If the bike you were using was defective and caused an accident, the manufacturer is liable, and you can seek compensation for your injuries from them. You will need to file a lawsuit that is known as a products liability claim.
  • Negligent driver. Since not every street and road in New York City has a bike lane, cyclists have to ride in traffic, which is quite dangerous. As a result, many cyclists are hit by negligent drivers. If you are one of these unlucky bicyclists, you can seek compensation from the driver.
  • The city itself.  New York City is a big city with crazy and congested traffic. Therefore, bicyclists are often put in danger there. If you get injured on your bike because of poor signage, poor street design, or negligent placement of bike lanes, the city is liable.

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