Who is Liable for Injuries Caused by a Dog Bite?

Feb 14, 2020

When you reach down to pet a dog, the last thing you expect to happen is being bit. However, this happens more often than people think, and the injuries that result can be devastating. In many cases, victims suffer deep puncture wounds and lacerations, muscle and tendon damage, and other injuries that may require surgery and months of physical therapy. In these situations, it is imperative bite victims be able to gain compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. If you have questions as to liability in these cases, consult with Brighton Beach NY injury lawyers at the Levitsky Law Firm.

Strict Liability
In most dog bite cases, the dog’s owner is held to a standard of strict liability for any damages the bite victim has due to their dog’s attack. This standard of strict liability will usually apply regardless of whether or not the dog is considered vicious, which is important to keep in mind in these cases. To ensure you gain the compensation needed to help you with your recovery, do not hesitate to contact Brighton Beach NY injury lawyers at the Levitsky Law Firm to discuss your situation in greater detail.

Where the Attack Occurs
When a dog bites you and causes significant injuries, it does not matter where the attack took place. Whether it occurred on the dog owner’s property, in a vet’s office, or perhaps at a public park or on the street, the standard of strict liability will still apply. Even though the dog’s owner may try to imply you did something to the dog that led it to bite you, chances are the owner will still be held liable for your injuries.

Since these cases can sometimes become complex, don’t leave anything to chance. Instead, contact Brighton Beach NY injury lawyers at the Levitsky Law Firm to schedule your consultation.