What Type of Personal Injury Claims Might Result from the Pandemic?

Jun 30, 2020


The Covid-19 pandemic has invited a host of new legal challenges for the public. In particular, it has led to a new category of personal injury accidents to which victims are rightfully entitled to compensation under their state’s laws.

To protect yourself and your loved ones, you need to be aware of what some of these accidents are and how you can take immediate action after them. You can start by retaining a NY Polish personal injury attorney from the Levitsky Law Firm today.

Covid Infection

Perhaps the most common personal injury accident that can occur during the pandemic is infection with the Covid virus. When you go out in public or to someone’s home, for example, you expect the property owner to do everything possible to eliminate your risk of infection. When this person has failed to sanitize surfaces, implement social distancing guidelines or otherwise put you and others at risk, you could have cause to take legal action.

Your attorney could file a personal injury claim against the property owner for your illness. This owner could be responsible for paying your Covid-related medical expenses, loss of income and other costs.

Nursing Home Deaths

Statistics show that higher number of Covid deaths are occurring in nursing homes than anywhere else in society. When you have lost a loved one who was living in a nursing home to the virus, you could have a personal injury claim against the home’s owner.

Your attorney can investigate and find out if everything was done to protect your loved one from getting sick. Your legal team can also learn if the nursing home staff purposely put people sick with the virus in close proximity to your loved one and made it easy for the infection to travel throughout the place.

You can learn more about Covid-related personal injury accidents by contacting a NY Polish personal injury attorney. Call the Levitsky Law Firm today.