What to Do if you’ve suffered from Food poisoning

Sep 23, 2020

Food poisoning is an illness that can occur after consuming foods that have bacteria or toxins in them. In most situations, food poisoning doesn’t present with any symptoms at all or mild symptoms. However, there are situations where you could become severely ill from food poisoning. It could even lead to death if it’s not treated or if the toxins that caused the poisoning are too strong for your body to overcome. If you’ve consumed food from a restaurant or items that you’ve purchased from a grocery store and have experienced food poisoning, Levitsky Law Firm, a Brooklyn personal injury attorney, can assist in filing a compensation claim. Most of the time, food poisoning is caused by eating raw or undercooked foods. A Brooklyn product liability attorney can help you fight back against a restaurant that has served undercooked or raw food, especially if you see that this is what you’ve been served and the restaurant does nothing to remedy the situation.

Symptoms of food poisoning typically include stomach pains, nausea, or vomiting. If there was a virus in the food that you consumed, then you could develop a fever as your body tries to fight off the toxins. After several hours or even days of vomiting, diarrhea, and not being able to eat or drink anything, you could become dehydrated, which is often what leads to other issues that develop. Any sign of a high fever or neurological problems should be addressed by a doctor. If your symptoms can’t be treated with medications, then you could have to spend time in a hospital until you’re better. A Brooklyn food poisoning lawyer can review medical documents and file a claim for lost wages and medical treatments so that you can still provide for your family.

Without the assistance of a Brooklyn personal injury lawyer, it can sometimes be difficult to win a claim in court against a grocery store, large company, or restaurant. Your attorney can help you gather the information needed to show that your food poisoning was linked to an exact food from a specific source so that you have a better case in court.