What to do if my Child Custody Agreement in not Enforced?

Sep 30, 2021

Manhattan Child Custody Enforcement Attorney

Can I do anything  if my ex doesn’t comply with our child custody agreement?

You can file an enforcement petition in family court via your Manhattan family law attorney in the event that your ex is not following through on their promise to abide by the terms of the agreement set up in court. Child custody enforcement is very important as these policies are set up with a distinct purpose, and those who choose to violate them are in direct violation of the order of the court. They should not be allowed to get away with that without consequences.

What are the consequences?

The Manhattan child custody enforcement attorney will tell you that it is possible that the person who violates the agreement could face jail time for their actions. Typically, this is not the first route that the court will decide to take with someone, but it is on the table for repeat offenders.

What can I do?

You need to bring your case to the court to have them sort things out for you. You absolutely can get a court to order that the child custody agreement be honored, and you should pursue that if you believe that your ex-spouse is not doing the right thing and simply recognizing the agreement that has long been established between the two of you. The child could literally be harmed by their actions, so the time to step up with a Manhattan child custody attorney is right away.

Can changes be made?

The courts can reimpose restrictions or create other barriers to bad behavior on the part of a spouse who is not honoring the court’s orders. They can choose to imprison that individual as well, though this is not as common as other methods of solving the problem. Regardless, people will need to get in touch with Levitsky Law Firm to find a great attorney for them.

How your attorney can help

You are not able to enforce a court order on your own, but your Manhattan child custody enforcement attorney can get that work done for you. If you choose to put your faith in them, they will plead your case to the court that really can do something about it.