What is an Order of Protection (and Do I Need One?)

May 24, 2019

Getting an Order of Protection seems like a daunting task to many people. For that reason, and because you’re already under enough stress, it helps your situation if you hire a lawyer Brighton Beach divorce attorney who can make sure the paperwork gets done correctly.

Do You Need an Order of Protection?

If a person abuses you or threatens you, you should ask for an Order of Protection if the individual is a:

• Family member.
• An intimate partner.
• A former intimate partner.

Other situations requiring an Order of Protection include if :

• Someone stalks you.
• Someone threatens to harm another person.
• Need protection from domestic violence.

What do Orders of Protection Do for You?

An order of protection instructs an offending person not to order, threaten, injure or harass you, specific people mentioned in the order, and your family. A rule of protection may instruct a person to:

• Remain a certain distance away from you and your children.
• Move out of your residence.
• Obey custody orders.
• Pay child support.
• Not possess a gun.
• Require a person to relinquish his firearms.

Individuals who are survivors of domestic violence use orders of protection against their abusers.

What does it take to get a protection order?Each state has varying requirements for obtaining a protection order. A petition needs to be filed with the court in your area. You’ll need to attend a hearing and testify about your experiences about abuse or threats. The best choice remains to select a domestic violence or family court lawyer to make sure you get what you need to keep you and your family safe.

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