What does “Failure to warn” mean?

Mar 19, 2021

When you purchase a consumer product, you do not expect to be injured by it. You should be given detailed instructions on the proper way to operate it. And if there are hazards, then you should be warned about them. The failure to provide adequate warnings on a product can cause those who use it serious injury.

If you have been hurt as a result of using a consumer product, you should hold the manufacturer accountable. Hiring a personal injury lawyer in Brooklyn should be your first step. Personal injury attorneys Brooklyn know how to build cases against such companies.

Product liability laws govern consumer product injury lawsuits in most states. A company can be held liable for product defects regardless of their nature and extent. Even if a company invested a considerable amount of money and effort to test the safety of a product, they can still be sued if it injures a consumer.

Companies can certainly be sued if they fail to warn consumers about a defect. This is a form of negligence. Your lawyer must build a case that proves that the defendant owed you a duty of care, that they failed to fulfill this task, that their failure led to your injury, and that they, therefore, owe you a certain amount of money in compensation.

In most product liability, the central issue is whether the risk that caused the injury was so obvious that no warning was necessary or that the risk was not easily discernible or predictable. In most instances, the former is the case. Companies are obligated to place warning signs and labels in a place that is conspicuous. Such warnings must be understandable to the average user of the product, and they must be clearly visible to an expected user.

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