What determines Spousal Maintenance in NY

Mar 04, 2022

Are you wondering what determines Spousal Maintenance in NY? Perhaps you are in the process of divorcing your spouse and unsure how to calculate spousal support? You’re in the right spot! This blog explores some of the factors that determine Spousal maintenance in New York.

But before we explore them, first things first.

What is spousal maintenance?

Spousal maintenance is the money one spouse pays to the other spouse to support them financially. Certain factors determine how much a spouse should pay. In most cases, spousal maintenance is paid monthly. But there is always an option to pay as a lump sum. There is a divorce mediation Brooklyn attorney that can help you get reasonable spousal maintenance.

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What determines spousal maintenance

Factors that determine spousal maintenance vary from one case to another. The most common include, your standard of living during the marriage, the length of the marriage, and the financial ability of the spouse responsible for paying spousal support.

How is it calculated?

The most common formula for calculating spousal support is by working out the 40% difference between the couples’ net incomes. For instance, John and Jessica have been married for fifteen years, and they do not have any minor children. Jessica earns $7,000 net per month, and John earns $17,000. Jessica may be entitled to $4,000. You can consult a divorce mediation Brooklyn attorney to help calculate an estimation of spousal support.

Are there exceptions?

The exception is when a marriage lasts more than ten years.

Can spousal support be adjusted?

Some rules and regulations govern the modification of spousal support in New York. The good news is that you can adjust spousal support at any given point. Divorce attorneys are familiar with modification of spousal support New York.

How your attorney can help

There are Brooklyn Divorce Lawyers who can help you get the spousal support you deserve. They will represent you in family court and help you win your case.

Are you looking for an attorney? Reach out to a Brooklyn Spousal Maintenance Attorney today!