Vision Zero: Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety

Nov 12, 2018

Vision Zero- What New York is Doing to Make it Safer for Pedestrians and Cyclists

Pedestrians and cyclists are among the most vulnerable populations on New York City’s streets. Department of Transportation (DOT) statistics show that an average of three pedestrians and cyclists are injured daily in run-ins with vehicle drivers. One heavily traveled stretch of road between Skillman and 43rd Avenues in Queens alone accounted for accidents involving 300 pedestrians and cyclists over a 12-month period.

Vision Zero Offers Solution

Four years ago, the city adopted a road safety program called Vision Zero, modeled after one successfully implemented in Sweden in the 1990s. The good news is, after being in operation since 2014, city-wide pedestrian deaths have plummeted by 44 percent, with a 27 percent decrease in overall traffic related deaths. The first six month of 2018 show the lowest number of traffic related fatalities in the city’s history.

How Vision Zero is Working

The city has been aggressive in making a number of changes that are helping to protect cyclists as well as pedestrians from becoming involved in a traffic accident. Roads are being redesigned to include designated bus and bike lanes at the same time lanes are narrowed and speed limits are reduced in those areas that previously had the highest level of traffic accidents and fatalities. Enforcement of traffic laws has also increased, with a 40% increase in traffic tickets for distracted driving, speeding and failing to yield to pedestrians. Traffic cameras have been installed in 140 school zones to deter speeding, a major cause of pedestrian and cyclist injuries.

When Injuries Do Occur

But despite daily and vigilant efforts made by the Vision Zero program, the need for a lawyer has not been eliminated. Daily news reports continue to include incidents of a pedestrian or bicyclist injured by a driver’s negligence throughout New York City That’s when hiring a Brighton Beach Car Accident Attorney becomes imperative for pedestrians for legal representation in pursuing financial compensation for pain and suffering. An experienced Brooklyn bicycle accident attorney can also help a cyclist accident victim receive the financial settlement they deserve after being injured by a speeding, distracted or careless New York City driver.

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