Understanding “Duty of Care” in Slip and Fall Cases

Apr 07, 2021

Being injured in any type of accident can be a stressful and challenging situation. This can be even more challenging if you suffer a financial setback related to the accident, which could include having medical or therapy bills or even suffering from lost wages. If you are injured on another person’s property, you may be entitled to financial support if it was due to any form of negligence on the part of the property owner. For those that are in the area a Brooklyn personal injury lawyer can help assess if the property owner’s duty of care was violated.

All Visitors are Viewed the Same

When it comes to duty of care in New York, all visitors of a property are viewed the same. Personal injury attorneys Brooklyn will point out that a landlord or property manager has an obligation to ensure that all people are safe. This includes taking necessary measures to reduce the risk of accidents taking place.

Trespassers and Duty of Care

A property owner can be held liable for accidents even if the injured person was a trespasser. There are several factors that can contribute to this. If a property owner is aware that trespassing is common, and they do not do anything to prevent it or keep the property safe, they can be held responsible. Further, if they do not place appropriate warning signs in hazardous areas, they could be held negligent as well. 

If you believe that you are entitled to support following an accident, it would be a good idea to contact a personal injury lawyer in Brooklyn. The Levitsky Law Firm can offer a range of services that will help you to assess whether the property owner was negligent and the duty of care was violated, which resulted in a slip and fall. The attorney can then provide you with full consultation and support to ensure you are properly represented.