Types of Sports Accidents

Aug 06, 2021

Many types of sports accidents can happen while playing, practicing, or during competition. Sports accidents are not uncommon occurrences on the field. Not all sports-related injuries are the same; some may require a trip to the hospital to be treated, and others may cause minor pain and soreness. As Brooklyn sports injury attorneys, we at Levitsky Law Firm see our fair share of victims who have suffered these types of injuries.

Common Causes of Sports Accidents

The most common causes of sports accidents are falls and collisions. Falls happen when the player slips and trips, causing an injury to their head or back. Collisions occur when two players collide with or with immovable objects at full speed, causing them to fall hard. Many other types of injuries can happen while playing sports, such as sprained ankles or a blow to the face.

Sports with a High Injury Rate

Possible sports with a high injury rate are football, soccer, rugby, and hockey. These sports all involve falling onto hard surfaces like pavement, ice, or direct ground, or direct and hard impacts from other players.

The Blame for Sports Injuries

It’s a common myth that someone else can’t be held responsible for the injuries just because the injured person signs a liability waiver. The sports participant, their family, the business sponsoring the event, and the country it is taking place in can all be held responsible under the right conditions. If one player intentionally causes harm to others, they can also be held accountable. A Brooklyn personal injury attorney will know what to do.

How a Brooklyn Sports Accident Injury Attorney Helps

An experienced Brooklyn sports accident attorney will be intimately familiar with the sport or is able to get an expert to testify who is. The attorney works with you on your behalf to gather evidence, information from witnesses, medical records, and more. Then they work for you to negotiate with the insurance company, so you don’t have to. Sports accidents happen. Sometimes they are just accidents, sometimes they’re the results of conditions teams should not have allowed players to play in, and sometimes they are intentional. Talk to someone at Levitsky Law Firm for more information today.