Types of NYC Bus Accidents

Mar 10, 2023

As one of the largest vehicles, buses can easily cause damage to other smaller vehicles in the case of a road accident. New York City is a large city, and there are many buses on the road. Keep on reading to learn more about different types of bus crashes.

Types of NYC Bus Accidents

Bus accidents happen in New York City very often and in different situations. Here is a list of bus accident types:

  • School bus accidents. There are thousands of families in New York City that depend on school buses that transport their children safely to and from school. Unfortunately, school bus accidents are very common, and hundreds of children are injured in these accidents every year.
  • Public transit bus accidents. Many people in NYC use buses as a convenient and affordable way to get around this large and busy city. Public transit bus accidents are also common because these buses wear and tear quickly and often become unsafe.
  • Freight bus accidents. A freight bus is created to carry heavy loads. An overloaded freight bus is quite a dangerous vehicle on the road that can cause serious injuries to people in a bus accident.
  • Commercial, charter, and commercial buses.  These vehicles are usually used for transporting people long distances for different private events, tournament games, and school trips. Accidents involving these buses are also common and often lead to serious injuries to passengers.

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