Tractor-Trailer “No-Zones” Accidents

Apr 19, 2018

One of the things that scare people the most about driving is the chance of getting into an automobile accident. Though these are relatively rare, they do happen, especially when large vehicles such as tractor-trailer trucks are involved. Since these vehicles are much bigger than most other vehicles, they generally end up causing more damage to other vehicles in the people in them than the other way around. If you have been involved in one of these accidents, it would be a good idea to look into all of the accident lawyers Brooklyn, New York has to offer.

One common type of tractor-trailer accident that occurs is the “No Zone” accident. The No Zone with respect to a tractor-trailer is the area around the vehicle where any other car will be invisible to the driver of the tractor-trailer. It is very dangerous if other vehicles are in the spot, both for the people in those vehicles and potentially even for the driver of the tractor-trailer. However, there are some things that people can keep in mind in order to be as safe as possible around these large vehicles. One thing you should do is make sure not to cut in front of these vehicles, as the drivers of these vehicles need much more reaction time in order to stop than most drivers would. Avoid tailgating these vehicles as well, as they cannot see immediately behind their vehicles either. Try to avoid the blind spots of these drivers as well, meaning that the driver likely cannot see you if you are not able to see his or her face in the side mirror of his or her vehicle, and you should move out of the blind spot. You should also make sure to give them plenty of room for right hand turns, as they need to have room to swerve left for a little bit before turning right.

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