The problem of Cancer misdiagnosis

Oct 16, 2020

Potential Causes of a Cancer Misdiagnosis

The potential causes of a cancer misdiagnosis include the following:

  • The physician fails to find a cancerous lesion during a biopsy.
  • The physician fails to diagnose a cancerous lesion as cancer.
  • The physician fails to perform the appropriate tests.
  • The physician fails to correctly classify a cancerous tumor.
  • The medical personnel fail to handle, read or interpret a specimen correctly.
  • The physician fails to screen patients at the highest risk of cancer.
  • The physician fails to acknowledge a patient’s complaints.

What Harm Does a Cancer Misdiagnosis Cause?

After a patient receives a cancer is misdiagnosis, he is subjected to treatments that are often very painful and expensive. People receive chemotherapy and radiation treatments to cure them of their diseases, but if the patient didn’t need them for that purpose, they can cause irreparable harm. These treatments may not be covered entirely by the patient’s insurance company, so the patient can experience financial difficulties as a result.

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