Ten Tips On Divorcing During The Holidays

Nov 20, 2020

Divorce is a difficult and emotionally-trying experience at any time. However, going through such proceedings during the holiday season can be especially challenging. 

That said, The Levitsky Law Firm, Brooklyn divorce attorneys, maintain that practicing the following 10 tips might make the process easier: 

Spare Children As Much As Possible 

The holidays should be a magical and joyous time for a parting couple’s minor children. Therefore, a Brooklyn divorce lawyer strongly cautions the parting factions to take the proverbial high road and keep all conflict away from their offspring. 

Be Honest 

The separating individual should be honest about their circumstances. It is important to realize that their situation is changing and trying to pretend everything is great often proves detrimental to all concerned parties. 

Spend Time With Close Relations 

Isolation can be extra concerning for separating subjects during the holiday season. Ergo, divorcing persons should make it a point to spend time with family and other close relations as much as possible. 

Maintain Certain Traditions 

Whenever and wherever applicable, separating factions are encouraged to adhere to existing traditions. Such actions will provide some tiny sense of normalcy and comfort. 

Begin New Traditions 

As the divorcing individual is beginning a new chapter in their lives, they should embrace the notion of beginning new traditions. 

Do Not Fight Emotions 

It is perfectly acceptable to feel sadness, anger, and frustration. Such emotions are all part of the process. The key is keeping said feelings under relative control. 

Express Gratitude 

No matter how difficult one’s circumstances are, there are usually at least a handful of things to be grateful for. 


Occasionally, helping others in need often illustrates one’s circumstances are far better than some other people. Moreover, performing good deeds often expedites the healing process. 

Avoid Emotional Triggers 

Engaging in actions like perusing through wedding albums and recalling past events only causes greater hurt and does little to quell burgeoning negative emotions. 

Embrace The Season 

The holidays should be embraced. Take a moment to look at decorations or listen to festive music. Such activities could be cathartic. 

Contacting Us 

Divorce is a life-changing event. However, with the proper legal counsel, the process does not have to be contentious or confusing. New York City residents contemplating divorce are encouraged to contact a divorce attorney in Brooklyn. More information about our firm can be found by visiting levitskylawfirm.com