Taxi Accidents: Can I get Compensated?

Jan 05, 2018

Commuting by taxi is a way of life for both residents and visitors in New York City, and their heavy usage increases the risk of experiencing an accident while riding in one of these vehicles. The victims of taxi accidents will probably require financial compensation, but they will also need proper legal representation to ensure their fair treatment under the law. Therefore, these victims should consider the services available from the Levitsky Law Firm.

The Risks of Traveling by Taxi

Thousands of taxicabs rumble down the streets and thruways in and around New York City on a daily basis, carrying hundreds of thousands of riders. It is perhaps understandable why around 10 taxi mishaps are reported in the city every day. These are some common causes of taxi mishaps:

•Careless driving
•Driver fatigue
•Mechanical failure
•Hazardous road conditions

What to do After a Taxi Accident

After a serious accident, it is important to identify both the driver and vehicle involved. In the event of an injury, the victim should seek or be given immediate medical attention. Subsequently, it may be necessary to seek compensation from the responsible party. Under New York’s “no fault” insurance system, however, the damages that can be collected may in some cases be insufficient. Although the state requires taxi drivers to carry liability insurance, this coverage may also prove inadequate when considering the cost of the injury. It may therefore be necessary for the victim to seek help from a Brooklyn personal injury attorney.

Seeking the Required Damages

Damages may be sought to compensate for medical expenses, lost wages or the pain and suffering related to the physical injury. Family members may also seek compensation if a loved one is injured or killed. In cases involving traffic accidents, the operator must be found to be directly responsible for the fate of the victim before any damages can be collected. Under the circumstances, a lawyer can help guarantee that victims and their families receive the compensation that they deserve. This is why the victims of taxi accidents should seek a free consultation from the Levitsky Law Firm. Contact our office today to schedule yours.