Slip and Fall On Public Property? Who Is Held Responsible?

Jul 26, 2019

sleep and fall public propertyIf you suffer a slip and fall accident on private property, filing a lawsuit is somewhat straightforward. However, should you suffer the same accident on public property, such as in a government building, the process becomes much more complex. To ensure you gain compensation for your injuries, it is always best in these situations to rely on a Brooklyn personal injury law firm for assistance.

Government Premises Liability
Surprisingly to most people, the government is held to a much lower standard in these situations. Relying on sovereign immunity, which allows the government to shield itself from liability in certain situations, many government agencies may be difficult to sue. To do so, it must be shown the government knew dangerous conditions existed and chose to not correct the situation. Due to the complexities that are associated with sovereign immunity, always rely on the expert advice of experienced Brighton Beach NY accident lawyers.

Exceptions to Sovereign Immunity
While it may sound as if sovereign immunity allows governments to never be held accountable for their carelessness or negligence, that is not the case all the time. In fact, there are notable exceptions to sovereign immunity, most particularly regarding employee negligence. To have the best chance of winning these cases, lawyers need to prove a government employee’s negligence caused the dangerous conditions to exist. Once done, attorneys at the Levitsky Law Firm can fight hard to help you gain compensation for medical treatment, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

Rather than feel helpless against the government, always turn to Brighton Beach NY accident lawyers for assistance. To ensure those who are responsible for your slip and fall accident are held accountable, make sure you turn to the experts at the Levitsky Law Firm. By doing so, you will have a Brooklyn personal injury law firm working hard to get you the compensation you deserve.