Slip and Fall in NY Subway

Apr 24, 2019

Subway and bus terminals are busy places that have the capacity to be dangerous if certain safety standards aren’t met. If you’ve experienced a slip and fall that lead to injury in one of these environments, don’t hesitate to take full advantage of all your rights when reconciling the situation. By seeking the counsel of a Brooklyn slip and fall attorney, you’ll be able to get the legal assistance you need for a full recovery. By understanding your legal rights and who is responsible for accidents in MTA terminals, you’re taking the first step to protecting yourself in case of a slip and fall injury.

When someone receives injury from a slip and fall in a New York bus or subway terminal, the MTA is responsible for that problem. A slip and fall injury can happen from such things as a wayward pool of liquid or an ill-marked drop in the floor. Depending on where you live, ice is a common cause of injury because it is difficult to keep off the outside floor surfaces by the terminal staff. Since it’s the MTA’s responsibility to make the terminal environment safe for travelers, any slip and fall injury should be followed up by legal action. A Brooklyn personal injury attorney or subway accident attorney will likely recommend suing. This means that you should search for the highest caliber of legal help so that the investigation process and resolution is done correctly.

The team at Levitsky Law Firm is an excellent choice to rely on for all your legal needs. They’re highly trained and specialize in slip and fall injuries within the MTA. It’s not your responsibility to navigate around unsafe environments. If you ever go through a slip and fall accident in an MTA terminal, be sure to contact Levitsky Law Firm immediately for consultation.