Road Rage Accidents

Mar 19, 2018

What is Road Rage?

Simply stated, road rage is when another driver acts in a very aggressive manner towards you. Road rage is often violent and dangerous, and can even result in a traffic accident. Road rage begins with aggressive driving and escalates to a state where the other driver becomes enraged. An enraged driver can hit your vehicle or run you off the road. Drivers can also become enraged to the point where they physically leave their vehicles and attack you, which is a huge risk to your person.

Causes of Road Rage

Road rage has a variety of causes, but most people become enraged when they are angry. Traffic, gridlock, stress or distractions are all contributors to road rage. These conditions contribute to someone’s feelings of haste towards another driver as they spend a lot of time sitting in traffic. Modern lives are chaotic and busy; so many people often want to get somewhere quicker than is safe. This sense of impatience and desire to get somewhere fast are the factors that lead to road rage.

Why Consult an Accident Attorney

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