Red Light Car Accidents

Jun 30, 2023

It happens in an instant. The light turns red, but the driver across you disregards the signal, plunging into the intersection. Suddenly, you’re entangled in a red light accident – a distressing event that happens in New York. Red light accidents account for a significant percentage of total traffic collisions in the city. Despite stringent traffic laws, NY’s bustling streets see their fair share of such mishaps.

Laws Governing Red Light Accidents in NY

In New York, the Vehicle and Traffic Law Section 1111(d)(1) makes it clear: running a red light is illegal. If an accident occurs due to this violation, the offending driver is generally held liable. However, the complexity of such cases may necessitate legal guidance from a Brighton Beach accident lawyer.

Establishing Fault in a Red Light Accident

Identifying the at-fault party in a red light accident often hinges on obtaining concrete evidence: eyewitness statements, traffic camera footage, and police reports can all play a role. However, the process is not always straightforward.

Insurance companies, driven by profit motives, can deny or downplay your rightful claim. A Brighton Beach personal injury lawyer can help. They bring knowledge, experience, and an aggressive approach to ensure you receive your rightful red light accident settlement.

Personal injuries can turn your world upside down. But remember, a red light accident doesn’t signify the end. Rather, it could be the start of your fight for justice and compensation.

Levitsky Law Firm, renowned for success in Brighton Beach personal injury cases, stands ready to champion your cause. Our comprehensive legal services will aid you in obtaining a fair red light accident settlement, supporting you through every step of your journey toward recovery.

So, if you’ve been the unfortunate victim of a red light accident in NY, take action today. Contact us today and turn your personal injury into a personal victory.