Red Light Car Accidents and Injuries

Nov 26, 2021

What Is the Impact of Red Light Runners on a Community?

Many people do it, seemingly without any regard for other drivers.  We are going to discuss the most common kinds of red light running accidents and the injuries that occur.  If there is any compensation for the victim of a red light running car accident will also be addressed as well as what you need to know to get the best amount.  The first thing you must do is get a professional Brooklyn car accident attorney (or one specific to where you live.)  Someone like Levitsky Law Firm would be perfect.  Anyhow, now to answer these questions.

The Most Common Incidents

Because of the nature of this offense, front-into-side collisions are the most common accident.  Another name for it is T-boned.  This is where the person running the red light slams the front of their auto into the side of the auto that is crossing the intersection at that time.  Needless to say, this is so preventable.  If it happens to you, call a Brooklyn red light car accident attorney right away.

Are There Any Common Injuries?

Not really since every crash is unique.  However, according to Brooklyn red light accident attorney, Levitsky Law Firm, red light running accidents are responsible for over 800 fatalities every year.  The numbers of the victims that are injured are in excess of 200,000 per year.  The person who ran the red light is most-often deemed to be at fault since he or she broke this law of the highway.

What About Compensation?

If you have a great attorney, for instance, Levitsky Law Firm, expert Brooklyn car accident attorney, you should receive significant compensation.  These accidents do not have to happen.  There should be consequences for their actions other than just receiving a fine and points on their license.  Look at all the harm this causes!  Your law firm will know how to accomplish this for you.  If you are the victim of a red light running crash, give them a call today!