“Reasonable” Time Sharing in NY Child Custody

Apr 01, 2022

Many couples who have been married but are divorcing and couples who never married but are separating and have children are opting for time-sharing agreements with each other to share the custody of their children. As long as both parties can get along and agree to the details and stick by them when it comes to their reasonable time-sharing custody, it is very beneficial for the children since they get to spend more equal time with both parents. In the state of New York, parents who have joint physical custody of their children must design a parenting plan that details how their child or children will share time between the two parents. This is referred to as reasonable time-sharing and while parents are usually pretty cooperative in this situation, they will need the assistance of child custody lawyers in Brooklyn NY to hammer out an agreement that works best for them as well as their children.

What is Reasonable Time-Sharing?

Reasonable time-sharing, also known as liberal visitation in some states, allows parents to work out an agreement in which the physical custody of the children from their relationship is shared between them in a way that gives each parent about the same amount of time with their kids as it does the other parent.

How Does Reasonable Time-Sharing Work?

This type of custody agreement between two parents refers to the fact that the parents share custody of their children and can communicate peacefully and co-parent well together. This type of agreement can be made through a reputable and experienced child custody lawyer in Brooklyn NY which will include details in the written agreement filed with a family court concerning physical custody, child support, and other details that are pertinent to raising the children involved in the situation. Many times, time-sharing agreement decisions are made specifically to be based on each of the children’s best interests and their schedules. The reasonable time-sharing agreement can be adjusted as children grow older and their schedules and interests change over time. Reasonable time-sharing is used mainly by parents who share custody of their children and can co-parent and communicate peacefully with each other. Reasonable time-sharing can also be changed by the two parents informally as needed, but the court filing will give the formal custody schedule in a format that can prevent any future disagreements about custody issues.

Who decides on the plan?

When it comes to a reasonable time-sharing custody agreement between two parents, the details are normally decided by the two parents, but it certainly helps to involve a Brooklyn child custody attorney to ensure that both parents’ best interests are protected and, more importantly, the best interest of the children. By using a Brooklyn child custody attorney, it can eliminate many arguments that can come up throughout the process if one parent tries to have more time than the other one wants to give them.

A reasonable time-sharing agreement is made to be flexible so that parents can change dates and times based on their schedules and the schedules of their children, which could include things like work schedules, business trips, vacations, or even if the child requests changes. This type of agreement can make it easier for parents to plan their lives around the obligations and activities of their children yet still have a schedule that has already been put in place by an attorney and a family court judge. This type of agreement does not always work for parents who cannot get along and agree on the details of raising their children.

What If a Reasonable Time-Sharing Agreement is No Longer Working?

While some parents may agree to a reasonable time-sharing custody situation at first, disagreements can develop over time which could make it impossible for the agreement to continue to work properly and for the best interests of the children involved. When this happens, one or both parents will have to seek a child custody agreement modification and that is best done by enlisting the help of a child custody lawyer in Brooklyn NY.

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