Pet Custody Options

Nov 15, 2023

When it comes to the emotional proceedings of a divorce, few issues are as sensitive and often overlooked as the matter of pet custody. In New York, pets are more than just property; they are beloved family members. Explore how the best interest of the animal is considered with the guidance of a divorce lawyer in Brooklyn and the various pet custody options available in New York.

Pet Custody in New York

The legal system has evolved to recognize pets as more than mere property. This shift in perspective has led to a more thoughtful approach to pet custody during divorce proceedings. Unlike traditional property division, where assets are simply allocated to one party, pet custody requires a more nuanced understanding of the animal’s needs and the emotional bonds between the pet and its owners.

Best Interest of the Animal

Determining the best interest of the animal is paramount in pet custody cases. Courts consider various factors, such as who has been responsible for the daily care of the pet, who attends veterinarian visits, and who is best equipped to provide for the pet’s emotional and physical needs. The goal is to ensure the pet’s stability and well-being, recognizing the unique bond pets share with their owners.

Sole and Shared Custody

One option is sole custody, where one party becomes the sole owner and caretaker of the pet. This is often granted when one party has a stronger emotional bond or is better suited to care for the pet.

On the other hand, shared custody allows both parties to spend time with the pet. This arrangement requires a detailed pet custody agreement, outlining the specific terms of care and visitation schedules.

Visitation Rights

In some cases, the court may grant visitation rights to the non-custodial party, allowing them to spend time with the pet at agreed-upon intervals.

Pet Custody Agreement

A pet custody agreement details the responsibilities of each party, including financial obligations, living arrangements, and visitation schedules.

If you are facing a divorce and concerned about the future of your pet, contact Levitsky Law Firm today. Let us help you secure a resolution that honors the cherished bond you share with your pet.