NY Workplace Injuries And When To Hire A Lawyer

Jul 19, 2019

workplace accidentIn New York, thousands of workplace injuries occur each year. Whether at a construction site, manufacturing facility, or at a retail store, these and other sites can lead to various injuries, some being very serious. From broken bones and head injuries to back injuries and even paralysis, it is important to have legal representation when injured on the job. To know when it is best to hire Brooklyn NY work injury lawyers at the Levitsky Law Firm, here are some details to keep in mind.

If your injuries leave you disabled and unable to work, definitely hire a Brighton Beach injury law firm to assist you in this matter. Though you will likely be entitled to a lump sum payment or payments spread out over your life, don’t expect insurance companies to willingly hand over the money. Instead, they will do everything possible to deny your claim, making it more important than ever to have legal representation from Brooklyn NY work injury lawyers.

Since a worker’s compensation case can be extremely complex and sometimes difficult to win, it is crucial you try not to go through this process on your own. Along with your employer possibly objecting to paying you benefits, the insurance company will also probably try to claim you are not really injured, did not sustain the injuries on the job, or conducted yourself in a manner that violated company policies, leading to the accident. Whatever the case may be, going it alone while having little if any knowledge of worker’s compensation is essentially a death sentence to you receiving the benefits you deserve. Thus, always hire a Brighton Beach injury law firm for assistance.

Rather than suffer physically, emotionally, and financially due to your workplace injuries, schedule a consultation today with the experienced and knowledgeable attorneys at the Levitsky Law Firm.