NY Subway Accident? Obtain A Lawyer Today

Sep 03, 2021

Injured in a NY Subway Accident?

The New York subway system is incredibly complex and used by millions of travelers every year. It is not surprising to learn that many people end up injured in some form or fashion while they are down in the subway. As a result, many of those same individuals need to turn to the Levitsky Law Firm to obtain legal council that can help them receive justice after such an accident.

How Can An Attorney Help?

There are a lot of ways that a Brooklyn personal injury attorney can come in handy after an accident. First, your Brooklyn accident attorney is more than happy to collect all of the necessary documentation to prove that your accident was something that was due to the negligence of someone other than yourself. This means that you might have a shot at winning the case based on the fact that you didn’t cause your own injuries. The Brooklyn subway accident injury attorney can also help by arguing the case in court for you and by keeping you informed each step of the way. It is the role of that individual to try to make as convincing of a case as possible for the court, and they do a wonderful job of this in most cases.

Compensation You May Receive

These types of accidents may involve various forms of compensation. The most likely type that someone involved in a subway accident would receive is something known as compensatory damages. This is an amount of money meant to compensate for the injuries that the individual sustained in the subway. The medical bills that they have to pay out of pocket or through insurance need to be taken care of in some way, and it shouldn’t come directly from their own pocket. Thus, the negligent party should be made to pay.

Another type of compensation that may be awarded is punitive in nature. This is a type of damage that the court awards to create some kind of punishment against the offender so as to hopefully change their behavior going forward. This award would likely be levied against the governing body over the subway system itself. Though it is more difficult to obtain punitive damages in many cases, it is still worth trying if there is a case to be made there.

Why You Should Never Handle This Yourself

People who represent the subway system or others may approach you with offers to settle your case out of court. They may come baring money and offering to take care of things without a Brooklyn subway accident attorney ever having to get involved. You should avoid these people at all costs and get yourself a lawyer anyway. Always remember, the subway system does not care about you, and they are actually actively rooting against you as they know that whatever money you win from them is less money into the subway system itself. Besides that, there could be other legal snafus with accepting a deal directly from the subway system. As such, you should always turn to a lawyer who knows how to help and can make this happen for you. Anything short of that is selling yourself out.