NY Motorcycle Lane Splitting Laws

May 27, 2022

Motorcycle lane splitting causes accidents because other vehicles do not see the motorcyclist and move into another lane or open their door suddenly. Drivers can be aggressive in NY and the lanes are too small, making motorcycle lane splitting  dangerous. Lane splitting is illegal in New York and many states.

When you have an accident with a motorcycle, whether it was due to lane splitting or other circumstances, the Levtisky Law Firm  can review your case and help you navigate the complicated laws surrounding motorcycle accidents.  Our personal injury attorneys  can help you get the best compensation for the injuries and damage you have suffered.

What is Motorcycle Lane Splitting?

Motor cycle lane splitting is when motorcyclists move or weave between two lanes when traffic is moving slowly or has come to a complete stop. They do this to pass out other vehicles and move along quickly in congested traffic. They ride an imaginary line between two lanes and pass out other vehicles on the left or right.

Difference Between Moving Lane Splitting and Stopped Traffic Lane Splitting

When traffic is congested and moving along slowly and a motorcyclist tries  to pass other vehicles on the left or right between two lanes,  this  will be called moving motorcycle lane splitting. Stopped traffic lane splitting occurs on a road or highway with traffic at a complete stop. The motorcyclist uses the same technique to pass other vehicles between two lanes on the left or right. Right lane splitting can be more dangerous because of  entrance and exit ramps where vehicles get on and off a highway.

Motor Cycle Lane Splitting is Not Legal In New York 

Motorcyclists can share a lane with other motorcyclists going in the same direction. This is called lane sharing. It is illegal for motorcycles  to lane split on the right or left and ride between two lanes with other vehicles going in the same direction. Even in congested or stopped traffic, this practice is illegal in New York.

Risk Of Lane Splitting 

Lane splitting causes accidents due to

  • Someone opening their door as the motorcycle is driving by
  • A vehicle changing lanes suddenly and not looking
  • Drivers have a blind spot like large trucks or big campers.
  • Drivers are not paying attention talking on their cell phones or to someone in the vehicle
  • Vehicles getting on or off the highway using exit or entrance ramps

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