NY Child Custody and Parent Relocation

Jan 31, 2022

When divorced or separated spouses wish to move out of state, they may need an order from the Family Court or the consent of the other parent, especially if the children are to be relocated as well. If you or the other parent are considering moving out of state, the Levitsky Law Firm can help by appointing a child custody lawyer in Brooklyn to your case.

Child Relocation & The Law

The laws concerning the need to seek the permission of the other parent when relocating to another state vary from one state to the next. In New York, for example, parents must seek permission before taking a minor out of state if the child has been in the original state for a considerable period.

The permission of the other parent is required if the move is to another state, or if the move is far enough that it would disrupt an existing parenting plan. Regardless of the laws of the state you live in and those of the state you or the other parent intends to move to, it is always best to take the wishes of the other parent and the best interests of the child into consideration.

Common Reasons for Parental Relocation

Sometimes a parental partner wishes to move for personal reasons. Other times the need to relocate is more serious. Some reasonable triggers for an out of state move include:

  • Job/Professional Reasons, including military transfer
  • Remarriage
  • Financial opportunity
  • Medical issues which require the care of a specialist/facility

If a move is being made with malicious intent to the other parent, the Court must often get involved. If your former spouse has or is threatening to take your children to another state against your wishes, or if you have a reasonable cause to relocate, but your parental partner refuses to give permission, child custody lawyers in Brooklyn NY can help.

The family law attorneys at Levitsky Law Firm have the experience to help. Get in touch today to consult with reputable child custody lawyers in Brooklyn.