Legally Separated While in the Home

Oct 13, 2023

Legal separation in NY is an option for couples who wish to formalize their separation without pursuing a divorce immediately. This process typically involves signing a separation agreement, a legally binding document that outlines the terms of the separation, including matters like asset division, child custody, and spousal support.

At Levitsky Law Firm, our divorce lawyer in Brooklyn can play an invaluable role in drafting and finalizing this agreement.

Co-Habitation After Separation

A critical aspect to understand about legal separation in New York is that the law may still consider ex-spouses separated even if they continue living together after signing a separation agreement. This situation is not uncommon, especially in scenarios where financial constraints or child-rearing responsibilities make it challenging to maintain separate residences.

However, cohabitation post-separation agreement signing necessitates clear boundaries and adherence to the terms stipulated in the agreement. The behavior of the couple during this cohabitation is crucial. They must live in a manner that reflects their status as a separated couple. This distinction is vital, as any blurring of lines might complicate future divorce proceedings.

Legal Assistance for Separation Agreements

Living together after signing a separation agreement presents unique challenges and complexities. For those facing the intricacies of legal separation or considering divorce in New York, Levitsky Law Firm stands ready to assist.

Our extensive skill in handling cases where couples continue cohabitation after signing a separation agreement is noteworthy. We ensure that the agreement is comprehensive and clearly outlines the parameters of the separation, minimizing potential disputes and misunderstandings.

Moreover, our divorce lawyer in Brooklyn positions our firm uniquely to navigate the complexities of New York’s family law. Our divorce lawyers provide counsel on maintaining the separation’s legality even in cohabitation scenarios, ensuring that separated couples’ rights and interests are protected.

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