Injured Walking on a New York Sidewalk

Mar 26, 2019

Legal Help for the Victims of Sidewalk Falls in New York City

New York City is known for its heavy pedestrian traffic, which also opens the door to a greater number of slip and fall-type accidents. If a fall results from the negligence of someone else, the victim may consider seeking damages against the responsible party. If it has any chance for success, however, a lawsuit will require intervention by a Brighton Beach personal injury attorney. This type of help is available from the Levitksy Law Firm.

The Risks of Falling

It should come as no surprise that sidewalk falls represent one of the leading causes of personal injury requiring medical attention among those who visit and reside in New York City. Hundreds of serious falls are reported every week, with the resulting injuries ranging from broken bones to head trauma. In some cases, falls can be deadly. Such accidents can result from one or a combination of factors, including:

•Faulty design
•Inadequate maintenance
•Uneven terrain
•The accumulation of snow, ice or other substances
•Improper lighting

Determining Responsibility for a Fall

Since 2003, property owners in New York City have generally been responsible for the condition of adjacent walkways. In the case of certain private properties, the city itself is responsible. In the event of a fall, a determination of responsibility will thus require a careful review of the case by a Brighton Beach personal injury lawyer.

Seeking Monetary Damages

Compensation may be sought to cover the expenses related to a fall, including lost wages and the cost of any medical treatment that was needed. In order to obtain the required damages, however, the victim will need the assistance of a Brighton Beach slip and fall attorney. This is why those who are injured in sidewalk falls in New York City should consider contacting the Levitksy Law Firm.