Injured by Car Pulling Out of Drive Thru?

Aug 03, 2018

Personal injuries involving automobiles can happen practically anywhere in urban areas where space is at a premium. And, the victims need not be driving or riding at the time. One of the most dangerous situations is actually when vehicles are using drive through lanes for whatever reason, including freak accidents when vehicles roll out of control. This exact scenario is what recently happened in Brooklyn when a car wash worker mistakenly left a SUV out of parking gear, causing the vehicle to roll towards an elderly couple standing outside of their vehicle after personally washing it. The elderly attendant worker jumped in the vehicle attempting to stop its forward progress, but accidentally hit the accelerator instead of the brake. The lady was fatally injured and her husband was struck as well, causing serious injuries. Freak accidents like this can happen in cramped quarters, and settling these complicated cases for equitable damages will always take assistance from a personal injury lawyer in Brooklyn.

Pedestrian Injury Claims

Pedestrians can collect damages from an accident just like injured drivers and passengers, but the manner in which benefits are calculated differs. Pedestrians sometimes contribute to their own injuries when all case facts are evaluated, such as being out of a crosswalk or walking directly in front of a vehicle, but most pedestrians do not have a personal contribution assessment. Passenger injury cases are similar in this regard. Injured pedestrians can be compensated for medical bills, lost wages when they applies, and non-economic general damages for pain-and-suffering. In this particular case, a wrongful death claim could also be available after the primary injury claims are settled. However, regardless of how egregious an accident case may be, insurance companies routinely defend all cases strongly when they cannot be settled out of court. Experienced Brooklyn personal injury lawyers understand this predicament for injured clients and know how to craft a case for maximum compensation.

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