Icy Road Conditions: How to Stay Safe On The Road

Dec 21, 2018

Remain Safe on The Road During Icy Driving Conditions

As an experienced car accident lawyer in Brooklyn and outlying areas, the Levitsky Law Firm possesses familiarity with many different types of common accident scenarios. We’d like everyone to practice responsible, safe driving. Residents of the Greater New York Area sometimes sustain painful losses and injuries on local roadways during harsh winter weather conditions.

Driving During Icy Weather

As a public service, this article offers some helpful tips for driving on icy roads. A Brighton Beach personal injury lawyer all too frequently handles cases involving people who experienced serious accidents during inclement weather. Use these guidelines to help you operate a motor vehicle more safely under adverse driving conditions:

1. If possible, try and refrain from driving on local roads during the time periods covered by Ice Storm Warnings.

2. Remember to slow down while driving along icy roads! Sometimes ice occurs in patches (especially on bridges or near waterways). Rapidly traveling vehicles easily spin out of control in these situations.

3. Try and increase the distance at which you follow other vehicles while traveling on icy roads. Taking this step may prevent avoidable fender benders.

4. Always accelerate and decelerate gradually while traveling over ice, but don’t stop unnecessarily. If your car begins spinning, if possible turn the wheel into the spin to regain control. Don’t panic!

5. If an accident does occur, contact the police department and, if applicable, emergency medical services. Consulting with an experienced personal injury attorney also holds value in many car accident situations.

Accidents Happen

Even consummate drivers sometimes become involved in auto accidents on icy roadways. Fortunately, when this type of calamity occurs here, an experienced Brooklyn personal injury attorney provides a knowledgeable resource. The Levitsky Law Firm represents our clients zealously. We strive to ensure victims of accidents (including automotive accidents) obtain skilled legal services and fair compensation.