How to Help Keep Your Parenting Schedule During the Holidays

Dec 13, 2019

The holidays are a time of celebration and spending precious moments with loved ones. For parents that have a parenting schedule in place, this time of year can get difficult when it is time for the children to go with one of the parents for a holiday. Even with a parenting plan in place, this can still be a point of disagreement. To prepare for, and hopefully prevent, any confrontation that may arise at this time, there are certain steps to take to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Family lawyers in Brighton Beach can work on your behalf to effectively communicate the arrangement to your ex-partner if there is any misunderstanding. The Levitsky Law Firm can also advise you of what to do if you need to make any changes to the parenting plan.

How To Uphold A Parenting Plan
A parenting plan is put in place to state when a child will be with each parent to eliminate any back and forth disagreements. Although the plan specifies what the arrangement is, there are times when one parent may later decide that they disagree with what has been documented. At that point, you should consider contacting Brooklyn NY family law attorneys. If you are the parent who has the children with you for a holiday the following steps can be used to help prevent a confrontation with the other parent.

-Verbally remind the other parent of the upcoming plans. This way there can be no confusion as to where the children are expected to be.

-Send a copy of the parenting plan with the sections stating your time highlighted. While there may be disagreement, the document has the final arrangement that was agreed on.

-Refer to your attorney for additional help. Brooklyn NY family law attorneys can explain the law in detail so that the other parent understands how they have to abide by the parenting plan.

When you are faced with issues from the other parent about the parenting plan, family lawyers in Brighton Beach can help. Contact the Levitsky Law Firm for more assistance.