How Long Could It Take to Be Compensated For a Product Liability Case?

Jul 17, 2020

Product liability cases can cover a wide variety of scenarios ranging from isolated incidences to being an injury victim of a known defective product that has injured many people. Common product injury cases can include causation from contaminated food, defective medical devices, automotive parts, and even construction materials like asbestos. The extensive number of product liability claims is consistent with the massive number of products on the market. And when you are injured using a defective product, it is always difficult to receive financial compensation for those injuries. These cases always take considerable time, and it always takes experienced New York product liability attorneys like Levitsky Law Firm to represent the claims.

Isolated Injury Cases

Individual product liability injury cases take an extensive amount of time because they must go through the litigation process that will often include a trial. Product manufacturers always defend claims vigorously, and plaintiff attorneys must prove within a preponderance of the evidence that the injury occurred to their client along with the fact that the product was either a direct or indirect cause of the injury. There must be an association between the injured party and use of the product. It is not necessary to prove negligence due to strict liability doctrine that is applied to manufacturers from the point the product is displayed for sale.

Consumer Protection Agency Cases

There are many products that have been determined defective and are registered by the CPA for attorneys to use in processing cases. Many of the injury categories are already funded, but attorneys must submit claims to a designated case approval panel and prove with medical evidence that the injuries exist and are due to exposure or use of the targeted product. Asbestos exposure injuries are a prime example of these cases. Cases centered around known defective products take a considerable amount of time as well because the approval board will want definitive proof of injury and product association.

Being properly compensated for any product liability injury always requires experienced and aggressive representation from New York product liability attorneys for a successful outcome and timely settlement. Contact NY product liability lawyers at Levitsky Law Firm today.