Holiday Child Custody

Dec 22, 2021

There are holidays throughout the year and children normally want to spend those holidays with both of their parents, even when parents are no longer a couple. This can mean that you may need to create a parenting plan with a Brooklyn Holiday Child Custody Attorney.

A parenting plan is important, not only for the parents but the children as well. Within the parenting plan, a holiday visitation schedule can be set up with a Brooklyn Family Lawyer. This will allow parents to create a plan for all major holidays as well as religious holidays. A parenting plan can also address child custody and weekend visitation schedules also. This will allow each parent to plan ahead for holidays with their children, so they can make memories that will last throughout the children’s lifetime. It also provides children with much-needed security in knowing where they will be during each specific holiday.

Some parents may opt to split holidays in half so that each parent has the children for at least part of the day on every holiday. This type of plan only works, though, if the parents involved can agree on a schedule. If not, it may very well be left up to a family court judge or magistrate to determine. Another way to handle holidays is to alternate each year. For example, in odd years the mother has the kids for Christmas but during even years, the children will be with their father. In either situation, enlisting the assistance and knowledge of a Brooklyn Child Custody Attorney is important to protect the rights of parents as well as the children involved. An attorney can also set up a mediation between feuding parents to possibly come to an agreement that is good for all parties involved.

It is important when it comes to child custody to have the experience and knowledge of a Brooklyn Child Custody Attorney. To obtain a trusted and highly knowledgeable Brooklyn Holiday Child Custody Attorney, contact the law professionals at the Levitsky Law Firm today.