Hit from Behind Car Accident: What type of Injuries Occur

Dec 28, 2018

Help for the Victims of Rear-End Traffic Accidents

Rear-end traffic accidents are common, with some 2 million such accidents occurring in the United States every year. Though lacking the catastrophic forces of head-on crashes, rear-end collisions can cause serious or even permanent injuries. The victims will probably require financial compensation to help them deal with the effects of their accidents, but they will also need the services of a Brooklyn personal injury attorney to ensure their fair treatment under the laws of New York. They can obtain such help from the Levitksy Law Firm.

Common Injuries in Rear-End Collisions

In combination with the surprise of the accident itself, a rear-end collision can jolt the driver and passengers of the car that has been struck, forcing them back into their seats while the vehicle is knocked forward. Modern safety features, including head restraints, have helped reduce the effects of such accidents, but injuries can still occur. These are the most common injuries experienced in rear-end collisions:

•Back injuries
•Head trauma
•Spinal compressions
•Broken bones
•Seat belt lacerations

What to do After an Accident

A spinal cord wound can result in partial or total paralysis of the body, and other forms of internal trauma can be equally serious. However, such conditions may not be readily apparent. It is therefore important that suspected internal injuries be given immediate medical attention. The injured party should also consider seeking the services of a Brighton Beach personal injury lawyer.

The Right to Compensation

After a rear-end traffic accident, compensation from the guilty party should not be taken for granted. However, a car accident attorney in Brooklyn will strive for the best possible outcome in such personal injury cases. This is why the victims of rear-end crashes should consider turning to the services available from the Levitksy Law Firm.