Fender Bender Misery: Why You Need to File a Case

Feb 21, 2020

Fender bender accidents can sometimes cause personal injuries. These personal injuries can be painful, inconvenient and cause you misery. If you were injured in a fender bender, then you may be entitled to compensation for the injuries you have experienced. The Brighton Beach NY car accident lawyers at Levitsky Law Firm can help you pursue a claim to recover a settlement to compensate you for your injuries.

Why should you file a case after a fender bender accident?
The law protects those who suffer injuries as a result of another’s negligence by allowing for an award of money damages. When a fender bender occurs, it is often because a driver failed to exercise reasonable care in their operation of a motor vehicle. This may include failing to pay attention, following too closely, speeding, disobeying traffic signs and lights, distracted driving and other negligent behaviors.

Because the law protects victims of negligent acts, you should file a case to receive compensation. The amount you should receive is whatever dollar amount will reimburse you for your out of pocket expenses and put you back into the position you enjoyed prior to the fender bender. An attorney can assess your case and help you understand your options and what to expect.

What should you do if injured in a fender bender accident?
If you have been injured in a fender bender accident, then you should contact an attorney as soon as possible. Immediately after the accident, you should document the accident through pictures and video recordings. You should also identify all witnesses. You should request that the police complete a report. Finally, seek out immediate medical treatment.

The Brighton Beach NY car accident lawyers from Levitsky Law Firm can provide legal advice and representation to help you with your fender bender case. Contact us to discuss your case and receive answers to your questions.