Falsely Arrested? What To Do Next

Oct 25, 2019

If you are not guilty of a crime, you assume you will not be arrested and convicted by police and prosecutors. However, according to estimates, it is thought that as many as 20,000 people in U.S. jails and prisons are actually innocent of the crimes for which they have been convicted. Rather than letting yourself become one of these statistics, it is crucial you know what to do should you be falsely arrested.

Hire an Attorney
Even if you know you are innocent, it is always vital you hire Brooklyn NY accident lawyers for help with your situation. While you may believe hiring personal injury attorneys in Brighton Beach may make it appear as if you are admitting fault or guilt, it will instead help ensure your legal rights are protected each step of the way.

Choose Your Words Carefully
If you have been falsely arrested, try to say as little as possible to police or prosecutors until you have spoken with the Levitsky Law Firm. Remember that even if you are being pressured by police or prosecutors to talk, you have the right to remain silent until you have proper legal representation. By ignoring this Constitutional right, you will almost always make a bad situation worse.

Evidence and Witnesses
When you are falsely arrested, one of the best things you can do is try to gather as much evidence and as many witnesses together to verify your innocence. Once you have done so, let your Brooklyn NY accident lawyers take it from there. By examining evidence and interviewing witnesses, your lawyers can often develop a legal strategy that will prove your innocence.

When these situations occur, never take them lightly. Instead, contact personal injury attorneys in Brighton Beach who know how to help you through these complex cases. To get started, schedule a consultation with the Levitsky Law Firm.